Trade Contractor Software

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Project management contractor software, created to
address the needs of trade contractors to work
improve efficiency and reduce costs.


  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Data Storage / Docs / Photos
  • Control Your Data
  • Procore & BlueBeam Integration
  • RFI Management
  • Submittal Management
  • Change Order Management
  • Field Reporting / Daily / Issues / Delays
  • Task Management
  • Customizable Templates
  • Cloud Based / Any Device / Anywhere

Mobile Field Reporting with
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Construction Bid Template

Use TriBuild’s Contractor Bid Template, Activities log, Project Tasks, Construction Drawings & Documents Library software tools to reduce costs, work faster and collaborate easier with your pre-sale opportunities.  

A well managed pre-construction phase is vital to the success of any project. Owners and project managers that use Specialty Contractor Software to manage bid invitations, construction project planning, documents, drawings, activities and tasks have the advantage.  As with everything in construction, starting a project with the right tools increases your ability to work quicker, more efficiently and with more accuracy than your competitors, not only saving you time but ensuring you are optimizing your profits and being paid what your worth. TriBuild Construction Management software has been designed with the needed pre-construction tools made specifically for the specialty contractor, easy to use and at an affordable price point.

Increase profits with TriBuild’s web-based and mobile, contractor software for construction project management at your fingertips. Pull your RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders, Documents, Drawings and Field issues or delay updates together into one source. Contractor software intelligently designed to collaborate, document and report with time saving simplicity and accuracy.

Requirements in commercial construction project management for specialty contractors has evolved at lightning speed over the past years. With over 50% of jobs starting with incomplete drawings, Submittal management, RFIs and Change Orders are inevitable. Multiply those issues by a few projects and you quickly outgrow using spreadsheets to manage cost effectively. TriBuild provides a solution to this problem for General Contractors and the Trade Contractors including all MEP Contractors; Mechanical Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Fire Suppression Contractors and more. Although the industries vary dramatically, the Communication, Task Management, Documenting and Reporting needs remain the same. Our affordable construction management software is the best replacement to spreadsheets for specialty contractors to remain competitive, saving time and money.

  • Clear visibly of documentation linked across all project segments
  • Intelligent RFI (Request for Information) process and documenting
  • Simplified RFP – Requests For Pricing from Subcontractors
  • Easy mobile access for job site Field daily reports, delays and issues documentation logs
  • Automated Master Field Reports for Daily Activities
  • Multiple project access and permission options

TriBuild construction project management  includes Purchase Order software, Subcontractor Agreement, Contracts and budget management software capabilities to simplify and streamline the contractor procurement process.

Having a strong construction management procurement method will not only control costs but solve many contractor communication issues and ultimately ensure quality profit margins. Consolidating procurement efforts using contractor software for project management simplifies the balancing act and tracking of your budget vs job cost actuals. The Purchase Order software included with TriBuild Construction Management will allow you to have full insight to all your POs, searchable by job, equipment, supplier and parts plus gives you the flexibility to add a Bill of Materials or enter order items on the fly while automatically creating a committed job cost including cost codes with it’s intuitive design.  Expedite standard procedures and remove the lengthy paper process by easily uploading records of packing lists as a pdf to field report daily logs. Protect yourself from risk with the included Subcontractor management software to create subcontractor agreements.  Use the provided Subcontractor Agreement template to include project timeline, scope of work, communication protocol, supply chain, Defense & Indemnification, insurance bonds & liens, warranties, arbitration, conditional payment clauses and payment terms or customize your own!

  • Intelligent design to easily manage PO materials and lot purchase orders 
  • POs committed costs (actuals), accessible for easy comparison of estimated materials costs in the budget software module
  • Fluid and comprehensive PO (Purchase Order) tracking
  • Quickly update POs delivery shipping, entry date, or line items information including quantity, cost codes, list amounts, part numbers and discount amounts
  • Full control of Purchase Order access permissions
  • Flexible Subcontractor Agreement template, customize to fit your needs
  • Easily record PO (Purchase Order) modifications

Save time and money with TriBuild specialty contractor software, designed to manage project finances with construction Cost Tracking, Progress Billing, Application for Payment (AFP), Contract Change Orders, Contract Revisions (CRs) and Schedule of Values (SOV) management capabilities.

Tracking costs accurately and easily is key in managing a successful project. Contractors equipped with the right tools to estimate costs during budget planning, with clear project cost tracking and measuring capabilities are able to manage cost controls, update forecasts and identify margin opportunities. Combine that with the ability to offer progress billing while minimizing administrative efforts managing the schedule of values, application for payments, contract change orders and contract revisions, the contractor has a clear advantage over his competition.

  • Smart planning in the analysis and discover phase using contractor Budget Management software
  • Effectively manage change orders and contract revisions impacting your projects profitability
  • User friendly, exportable Billing Reports
  • Easily create and edit Schedule of Values (SOV) including total change orders for contract amounts, with auto calculated percentages of retention for hold back useful for budget comparisons
  • Speed up, track and modify billing with construction pay application software AIA forms
  • Collaborative tools for construction Contract Management with controllable viewing rights and permission levels to expedite the approval process on contract documents
  • Quickly and easily view high level snapshot of current contract amounts from multiple modules within the construction project management software