Trimble ConstructJob Alternative

Many contractors are currently searching for their ideal replacement contractor software for construction project management when ConstructJob is closed down early in 2020.

Looking for a ConstructJob replacement?

In March this year Trimble announced that ConstructJob will be shutdown for all users in February 2020, meaning that hundreds of MEP construction companies will need to find a ConstructJob alternative for their construction project management software.

Since the announcement, TriBuild has had an influx of inquiries about transferring from ConstructJob to TriBuild Construction Management. Trade contractors are looking for affordable alternatives to Trimble ConstructJob  that have similar or improved capabilities and will be easy to use requiring minimal training on the new platform.

TriBuild Construction Management software was created by the team that originally built the ConstructJob software. They teamed up with TriBuild to develop an improved version of their original contractor software that is affordable, faster, easier to use and has more capabilities than their original ConstructJob software.

ConstructJob creator Natalie AbshierConstructJob was originally created by Natalie Abshier, a 30 year veteran of MEP contracting based in Colorado. TriBuild Construction Management was her chance to build a newer, better version than her first, taking lessons learned and newer technologies, she joined forces with the original software developer of ConstructJob, Keith Stansell, and started again.

Rounding out some of the old crew, the TriBuild team also includes the expert ConstructJob trainer and support legend, Thomas Whalley to help onboard TriBuild Construction Management new users. Armed with the extensive understanding of both ConstructJob and TriBuild Construction Management, Thomas has been able to provide unprecedented support in transitioning ConstructJob users to the improved Construction Management software.  

Better than Trimble ConstructJob

The new and improved project management software TriBuild Construction Management, is feature rich and offers many improvements over the dated Trimble ConstructJob including;

    • mobile optimized for all phones and tablets
    • modern, clean, easy to use interface
    • BlueBeam integration
    • easy flow cost tracking
    • multi-tier location capabilities
    • improved purchase order capabilities

Time is running out

February 2020 seems like a long way off, but it’s important that you act now to be ready for when ConstructJob is switched off.

  1. With the expected rush of ConstructJob users coming in closer to the cut-off date, getting in early will guarantee the TriBuild support team can set you up and train you in time.
  2. If you are starting new projects that will run more than 6 months, then there is not much sense in spending the time and effort in setting them up in a system that will soon be closed. Start now in TriBuild Construction Management and those projects will sail on smoothly when February 2020 comes and goes.

To learn more about how TriBuild Construction Management could be the perfect replacement for your ConstructJob software. Download the TriBuild Contractor Software Brochure or even better, book a demonstration with the team and we’ll guarantee to have Natalie on the demonstration as well so she can talk you through what else we have planned for the future.